TrueNAS and Plex

While I work on refining what I plan with my homelab and the purpose of these posts, I got the important part of this project done, a Plex server.

Configure HDD Passthrough

Prior to installing TrueNAS I had to do this so the drive I planned to store all the media on would show up properly. I don’t have a proper PCI controller on this setup yet so this is the next best thing.

Prior to TrueNAS install, in proxmox shell:

lsblk -o +MODEL,SERIAL
# find the serial to hdd
qm set 100 -scsi2 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD120EDAZ-xxxxxx
# 100 being the UID of the server on proxmox, so might vary
# model & serial in above command should match desired device from lsblk output

The installation was all pretty straight forward, but there was a couple items that either weren’t covered in the instructions that I read, or are unique to my environment.

Fix the Network

The network has to be configured so in TrueNAS, go over to Network > Global Configuration and enter:

  • Nameserver:
  • Default Gateway:

TODO: Decide how I want the network configured now to save time later

Permission configuration

Configuring the ACL to allow my Windows host to use SMB to drop files on to the NAS was a bit tricky

  • Create a user (james) that you want to give rights to
  • Create a group (plex-server) and add that user to the group
  • Create the Samba share & configure the custom ACL

After installing the Plex plugin, this is how Plex knows where to find media, however it won’t have access by default movies folders on plex

  1. TrueNAS > Jails > Plex Shell > $id plex
  2. TrueNAS > Storage > Pools > Edit Permissions > Add the ID as a new ACL item

TODO: Create accounts for others to use with proper permissions